Connecting Generations

Imagine sharing your thoughts, stories and words of wisdom with loved ones instantaneously - right when they need it most.  Imagine that legacy preserved on video to educate and inspire future generations. And, imagine capturing, storing, and organizing these memories and insights in as little as 30 minutes on your own smartphone or computer.

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“So much of our Future lies in Preserving our Past”

Peter Westbrook

Recorded Personal Histories

Define your Heritage by bringing the past to life

Shape our Culture though preserving our traditions and values

Illuminate the Future to inspire our families with stories of perseverance and hope.

More benefits

Bring History to Life


With Generational Story, the process is easy and conversational. Record or upload family videos and supplement your story by adding photos and descriptions.


Labeled clips allowing for quick retrieval of a particular segment.


Generational Story automates the storage, organization and accessiblity of your most precious memories.

Record the story

Allow your client to record their life story in person or over video conference call.

Upload family videos & photos

Preserve family videos and photos - organized, shareable and accessible for posterity.

Multiple contributors

Invite your client and their family to directly manage and contribute to the album, adding questions, recordings, videos and more.

Email reminders

Encourage your client to record by pre-planning the interview and setting up email reminders with a link to record the next question in the queue.

Permanent storage

Keep their memories safe and accesible for generations to come.

Connect memories with QR codes

QR codes suitable for headstones, memory boxes and more may be connected to your album and clips granting instant access to anyone who scans them.

Online Store

Keep your recordings preserved in your online album. Access, share, add links, photos and descriptions, and download your history in the latest viewing format at any time.

Annual Subscription

Add to your video collection in-person or online or upload video memories from other sources to your album. 

- Yearly renewal, full-feature album.

- Change your subscription to read-only when you're finish recording to continue to access, view and share existing clips at a lower price. You can toggle between subscription types at any time.

Lifetime Album

Eliminate subscription costs and pay upfront for 50 years of access to your album.

- All features included in an annual subscription + extra video call time and more clips + store credit for QR labels that may be placed on pictures, heirlooms and headstones. Available in stainless steel, anodized aluminum, or thin labels with archival adhesive.

Legacy Album

Create a permanent family asset with a single upfront payment.

- All features included in a lifetime album + extra store credit for QR labels + permanent storage

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Free Download

Download the album to store on any device(s) - for instance, save it on a computer hard drive and make copies for loved ones on individual USBs. 

Whenever you open your album it will display in the same Generational Story format as it does online, with quick access to all your cataloged clips.  

We work with families, estate planners, wealth management and financial advisors, non-profits, retirement communities, and preneed specialists.


“Once I saw and heard my dad's stories, I wept with emotion from the stories that I was hearing for the first time.”


"I have been watching these videos and loving them.  They are a precious record of our parents."


"When I lost her, I just wanted to hear stories about her... hearing her voice again was such a blessing."

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