Generational Story
Privacy Policy

Generational Story is committed to keeping the memories and histories that we collect safe and secure. The following policy explains the ways in which we use recordings and other data collected through our website. By using our service, you agree to release this data to us for use in the manner specified below.

Information we collect

Names and emails of users and backup contacts, account type (Pro, Family, Personal) and additional subscription information including payment plan (collectively referred to as “account information”).

Audio and/or video and/or photographic information (collectively referred to here as "recordings"). These recordings may be taken via the Generational Story mobile or online app.

Names, recording time/durations, questions, planned interview questions, and other data related to the recordings we make ("recording metadata").

Website usage data, which may include any actions you take or pages you view on our web properties ("website data").

Ways we use this data

All types of information and data collected by Generational Story will be accessible to Generational Story employees, associates, development contractors and other affiliated persons and organizations for the purposes of customer support, data auditing, storage, backup and transmission, providing additional services, and other purposes relevant to Generational Story.

Users of the Generational Story mobile or web app and other methods of submission retain copyright to their recordings. Recordings that have not been marked as "private" are considered public. It is not possible to guess the URL of an album for a particular person.  However, a Generational Story feature is that public clips or albums may be easily shared from a Pro, Family or Personal account by those with access at their discretion. While we do not post personal videos in online public forums such as Youtube without permission of the subscriber, an unlimited license is granted to Generational Story to use public recordings and their associated metadata for the purposes of promotion, marketing, content discovery or any other purpose.  

We do not sell individual account information to third parties.

Generational Story uses Stripe, a secure, highly-rated 3rd party payment processing site. Generational Story does not copy, store or have access to subscriber credit card numbers.

Further Information

Generational Story will always strive to do what's best for our users. As circumstances change we may need to update this privacy policy to better match the services we offer. We therefore reserve the right to change this policy at any time, with or without notification, at our sole discretion. A current version of this privacy policy can always be found at