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Capture the Legacy Today

Experience and wisdom are your clients' most enduring assets.

  • Retirement Communities
  • Estate Attorneys
  • Wealth Management and Financial Advisors
  • Pre-Need Planners
  • Therapists

All find value in the Generational Story App.

Easy-to-use interface guides the user to:

  • Record
  • Upload
  • Organize
  • Store

anyone's life story in as little as 30 min. - all from a Smartphone or Video Call.

Capture the voice, expression and vibrancy of your clients today!

A treasure for friends and family today. Of incalculable value tomorrow.

Add a priceless, personal touch to your service.

Interview Tips



I have been using Generational Story since 2016 for my estate planning practice. I love how easy it is to use, the questions are inspired, and the storage and layout give me and my clients peace of mind. We add to their albums as the years go by and I have had several client families easily create videos to celebrate their loved ones' lives at their memorial services. The recordings are easily kept private or shared for all to enjoy. It is by far the most satisfying part of my practice.


Using legacy videos with our clients helps them reflect on their planning in a completely different way. They begin to see the values and vision they can leave behind and connect with loved ones in ways they hadn’t imagined, even after they  are gone. Generational Story makes this process easy and convenient. We are very happy with the collaboration.