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Let us help you capture your sentiments today!

The wisdom gained through life experiences is your most important asset to pass on to your family.

Capture your story, or that of a loved one, on video forever in as little as 30 min!

Recordings are seamlessly processed and uploaded to your unique album in the cloud. Optionally, add photos, descriptions and links for additional context.

You may keep your album private or view and share clips through Generational Story's online interface or post specific clips on social media platforms.

QR code labels are available to place on keepsakes, family photos and headstones for quick access to memories far into the future.

“Legacy is not leaving something for people.  It’s leaving something in people.”

Peter Stople

For Posterity & For Yourself

Studies show that knowing your family history provides a multitude of benefits for you and your loved ones.

Benefits of Family History



“I thought I had heard all of my dad's life stories, but decided to do the recording anyway. There were two childhood memories he recalled that I had not previously heard. My family is so grateful for this history recording because my dad passed away two months later.”


“We recorded my mother's history at the onset of her dementia. As her disease has progressed and her memories have faded, this DVD of mom's history is an absolute treasure for all of my family.”


“This has been so fun to do! My children have been after me to get my history written down but I did something better... I recorded it for them!”